This website is purely humor. I do NOT believe in any of the stuff I write. I am not racist in any way shape or form - I do hate commies though.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Listen person who finds this offensive.......
Fuck you. Fuck you up your stupid ass. Chances are your a pice of shit liberal who says we can't say
"support our troops" but then you can say " your blog disagrees with marx, you cannot do this anymore".
Fuck you you stupid bastard. I dont care if you call any of my parents. Their number is (530) 885-3341.
my dads work is (530) 622-6232. Ask for Jeff Billman you stupid pussy. I shall write again you unamerican
piece of shit.

The Billman

Friday, August 22, 2003

Well I'm done blogging. Through methods beyond my control some people have asked me to shut down this site beacuse it was offensive.

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